Stewards Findings For Brazil

Formula 1

  • The incident between leaping & maxi on lap 1 was deemed a racing incidents. It is an unfortunate coming together on a tight part of the track in tricky conditions. No further action will be taken. 
  • The incident between Lego & salvatore was deemed a lag incident. No further action will be taken.  
  • The incident between Frisky & Salvatore was deemed friskys fault. Salvatore did go defensive but he was already turning for the corner when frisky makes a lunge up the inside. Whilst no incident was caused because of this, it was very aggressive and forceful, and the place should’ve been given back. Frisky will receive a ten second penalty added to his race time. 

Formula 2

There is no incidents in F2. 

Formula 3

  • JackTyler will receive a reprimand for unnecessarily causing a collision with tekken. 

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