Stewards Findings For Belgium

Formula 1

  • The incident between mini & Dougie was deemed a racing incident. Unfortunately mini lost the back end on the outside curb and veered into Dougie, causing the incident. No further action warranted. 
  • The collision between salvatore & samurai was deemed a racing incident. Samurai had the racing line and salvatore left the track previously to put himself in that position, trying to put his car in always closing gap. No further action warranted. 
  • Cliffy will have 3 seconds taken off for an unfair penalty, promoting cliffy to first and jack to second. 
  • The incident between salvatore and Lego was deemed Salvatore’s fault. Lego took a wide line and salvatore was unable to react to this line and unfortunately tagged Legos rear tyre. Salvatore will receive 3 points on his super licence. 
  • The incident beteeen Juan and frisky was deemed a racing incident. However, this is not the first time frisky has given insufficient space in a corner and caused a collision, and will receive a reprimand. If this happens again in future, more severe penalty may be given. More room must be given in turns. 

Formula 2

  • The incident between Trenchgun & Taktix was deemed trenchgun’s fault. Taktix gave trenchgun plenty of room and trenchgun kept his nose in, causing the incident. Trenchgun will receive 3 points on his super licence. 
  • The incident beteeen Dylan & Danny was deemed Dylan’s fault. Danny came up alongside Dylan and Dylan simply failed to spot him, causing a severe collision.  Dylan also needs to be aware not to retire by crashing into a wall. It must be done in the pits or disqualify yourself off track. Dylan will receive 6 points and a qualifying ban for Monaco. 
  • The incident between Hotzonda and and Wetnets was deemed Hotzonda’s fault. Hotzonda seemed to try and force his way through off track, giving Wetnets a yellow wing and losing 4 positions. Hotzonda will receive 3 points on his licence.  

Formula 3 

  • The incident between verstappen and miles was deemed verstappen fault. Verstappen failed to give miles room and retired miles. Verstappen will receive a 30s penalty. 

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