Stewards Findings for Germany 

Formula 1

  • The incident between karting and samurai at the hairpin was deemed reckless driving, however not deemed time penalty worthy. Samurai will receive a reprimand. 
  • The incident between karting and Lewis was deemed a racing incident. Stewards felt the gap karting was going for was always going to be tight, and wasn’t sufficiently alongside enough to be given space. 
  • The incident between karting and maxi was deemed a racing incident. Karting had more speed and unfortunately clipped the rear of maxi. No further action warranted. 
  • The incident between frisky and mini was deemed both drivers at fault. Mini could’ve given slightly more room whereas frisky slightly cut the corner and barged into mini. Both drivers will receive reprimands. 
  • The incident between gerk and frisky was inconclusive. Unfortunately, whilst it looks very bad on Friskys video, we don’t have video of why gerk was on the grass. We believe lag may have played a part as gerk claims he was hit from behind and had no control. As a result, gerk will receive a reprimand as it is not 100% clear what happened, however, still pretty bad from friskys point of view. 

Formula 2

  • The incident between legion, lioblade and tekken was deemed a sidepod glitch incident. Legion ran deep and we believe lioblade and tekken were not completely in control of their cars as they came around the hairpin as a sidepod glitch occurred. No further action warranted. 
  • Trenchgun will receive a ten second penalty for pressing X
  • The incident between fear and Hotzonda at the pits was deemed Hotzonda’s fault. Zonda simply missed the line for the pits and turned in without seeing fear. Hotzonda will receive a reprimand for this. 
  • The incident between tekken and Hotzonda in qualifying was deemed Hotzonda’s fault. Tekken was on a flying lap and Hotzonda completely obstructed tekken. In light of this incident and the one above, Hotzonda will receive 6 penalty points on his licence. 

Formula 3

  • The incident between between sho_jordz, adeola and Verstappen was deemed reckless from adeola. When in close proximity with a leading car you must take more care, as it could’ve led to a much more serious incident. Adeola will receive a reprimand. 

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