Stewards Findings for USA

Formula 1

  • The incident between salvatore and energy was deemed a racing incident. Salvatore knew energy was there and could’ve taken the outside line to avoid a collision. As no driver was significantly affected, no further action warranted. 

Formula 2

  • Bugatti will receive a ten second penalty for pressing X. 

Formula 3

  • Jacktyler has been found to weave and illegally block on track in an unsportsmanlike manner. This kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable. Jacktyler will receive 6 points on his licence and an immediate race ban to be served next race. 
  • The incident between kingchris and Taffy was deemed kingchris fault. Chris was seen to shunt Taffy off track and failed to allow him back on, causing the incident. Chris will receive a 20s penalty. 

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