Stewards Findings for Singapore

Formula 1

  • The incident between salvatore and maxi was deemed 50/50. Salvatore moved late and forced maxi todo cut the track, however maxi didn’t lift and forced the incident. For this, both drivers will receive a reprimand. Salvatore will face a qualifying ban for china as this is his third reprimand.
  • Legominecraft will have 10s taken off for an unfair penalty running wide on main straight.
  • Legominecraft will receive a 10s penalty for intentionally cutting two corners during VSC, to enter the pits. Legominecraft will also receive a reprimand, which means he will serve a qualifying ban in China.
  • The incident between Sweg and frisky on lap 31 was deemed friskys fault. Frisky had to run off track, however, frisky did not lift and came back onto the track directly in front of Sweg and hit Sweg off. Frisky will receive a 20s penalty.
  • The incident between frisky and sweg on lap 29 was deemed mostly friskys fault. Sweg went up the inside and insufficient room was given. Frisky will receive 3 points on his licence for a combination of the incidents.

Formula 2

  • The incident between legion and trenchgun was deemed a racing incident. The stewards believe legion could’ve given slightly more room. The incident resulted in a sidepod glitch. No further action warranted.
  • Taktix will have 10s removed for an unfair penalty on the pit straight.

Formula 3

  • The incident between Sho Jordz, robotsophie and Mathias was deemed Mathias fault. Unfortunately 3 cars don’t go into that corner and Mathias tried to go up the inside whilst there was already two cars in the corner. Mathias will receive 20s penalty.


  • Tezza7muzza will receive a reprimand for pressing X on the starting grid.

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