Chinese Grand Prix Pre-Race Report

Welcome to the Chinese Grand Prix

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 2

Circuit Distance: 5.541km (3.387 mi)

Race Laps: 28

Lap Record: 01:36.448 by wardy111 (Williams; S2)

Most wins by driver:

1 GerkeNat0r-

1 xJackLacey


This week we head to China, for what promises to be a enthralling duel from lap 1. The Shanghai circuit provides plenty of overtaking spots, down the back straight especially, although expect moves into turns 1, 6 and 11 too. There should be plenty of drama into turn 1 at the start too as China has a very unique T1, and it’s usually a struggle to fit that many cars around an ever tightening corner.

We’re expecting the rain to hold off throughout the weekend, however there is storms in the area so don’t be surprised if the clouds form to ruin the party.

OfficerJuan feels extremely confident around China, so if the Ferrari mechanics can get the set up right, expect a strong showing from him, and from Cliffy of course. Don’t rule out xJackLacey though, who secured a grand slam last time out, back in season 4.

Go on board below for a hot lap of China, and see you all on Sunday! 🏎🏁




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