Canadian Grand Prix Pre Race Report

Welcome to Canada


Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Circuit Distance: 4.361km (2.71 mi)

Race Distance: 152.63km (94.84 mi)

Race Laps: 35

Lap Record: 01:14.052 by NotPennysBoat17 (Red Bull;S3)

Most Wins By Driver:

1 xJackLacey

1 Legominecraft3

Most Poles By Driver:

2 xJackLacey


Round 10 sees us head to Canada, in which the drivers will battle it out just outside Montreal. Another track that is notoriously hard to overtake at, with only a few overtaking spots, we may be in for another close encounter. Tyre wear is great around here, so don’t be surprised to see people attempting the one stop, whilst others may go for a more aggressive approach, it’s sure to be a thrilling race.

The weather this weekend looks mostly cloudy, but importantly, it looks like it’ll be dry, which is a relief to a few drivers, Canada is tough in the dry, so a wet race would complicate things.

The gap between cliffy and OfficerJuan remains 10 points after their controversial crash last weekend in Australia, but neither driver has won here in PSF1, so both drivers are gonna have to be on their A game to get a victory tomorrow.

Not long to go until lights out, but until then, go on board for a hot lap for Canada, below…

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