Stewards Findings for Canada

Formula 1

  • The incident between tbell and mini was deemed a lag racing incident. I small side pod glitch occurred which started the chain of events that occurred. No further action warranted.
  • The incident between Sweg and Samurai was deemed a racing incident. The final chicane at Canada is one of the only corners on the F1 calendar that's nearly impossible to go two wide through, and this incident is another example of it not working. Neither car backed off, causing the incident. No further action warranted.

Formula 2

  • Greeny will receive a reprimand for pressing X on starting grid.
  • The incident between Hotzonda and Wetnets appears to be zonda drifting across and causing the incident. The positions of Wetnets and zonda will be switched. Hotzonda is invited to submit his footage to the stewards. No further action warranted at this time.
  • Greeny will receive 6 points on his super licence. These will expire in round 10 of season 8.

Formula 3

  • JackTyler has been removed from the league for unsportsmanlike behaviour.
  • The incident between AL45 and Sho_jordz was deemed a racing incident. It was a very late move from Sho_Jordz, however, it was legal. The game physics aren't the greatest and it was unlucky that AL45 spun. No further action warranted.

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