Season 7 Approaches

As we enter the month of September, that means we’re only 17 days away until Season 7 gets going! Hopefully by then, codies will haven fixed anything that may affect us, and it’ll also allow you guys to master the new much faster cars. Here’s a few things to know for season 7, below..


PSF1 Sponsorship for Season 7!

PSF1 is pleased to announce that it will be sponsored by RBW Home Improvements for Season 7, after an agreement was struck for a one season deal. This is the first time in PSF1 history that the league is sponsored, and we’re very happy that an agreement could be made. RBW Home Improvements has pledged to provide prizes for the top 3 drivers in F1 and F2. 1st place will receive a £30 PSN gift card, 2nd place will receive a £20 PSN gift card, and third place will receive a £10 PSN gift card. These new prizes are sure to make drivers more determined than ever!


PSF1 Season 7 teams!

Season 7 is looking to be our fastest yet, with quality drivers in each tier of our racing league this season. The pace in F1 is faster than ever, and F2 is looking to be one of our fastest yet, and F3 has a lot of potential for future F1 champions! You can remind yourself of the teams below.

F1 Teams.jpg

F2 Teams.jpg

Teams F3.jpg


PSF1 Classic Cars League

The hotly anticipated Classic Cars league looks to get underway on the 20th September in Monaco! The streets on Monte Carlo will certainly create a great first race in the spectacular McLaren MP4/4, made iconic by Senna! With different cars and different tracks each week, it will certainly be an exciting championship. The calendar is below.img_4468.jpg



PSF1 Champion of Champions Race

New to PSF1 for season 7, the end of season Champion of Champions race will see the top 10 of F1 and the top 10 of F2 do battle in a hotly contended race to become the inaugural Champion of Champions. This will give drivers the chance to win the ‘double’ in a season, but it’ll also give the underdogs a chance to prove themselves. Track is not decided at this point, but it’ll certainly be a fan favourite that everybody loves.





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