Abu Dhabi Pre Race Report

Welcome to Abu Dhabi

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 2

Circuit Distance: 5.554km (3.451 mi)

Race Distance: 151.735km (94.905 mi)

Race Laps: 28

Lap Record: 01:40.554 by xJackLacey (Ferrari;S3)

Most Wins By Driver:

1 GerkeNat0r- (S2)

1 cliffy7765 (S5)

Most Poles By Driver:

1 xJackLacey (S2)

1 OfficerJuan (S5)

Pole to win conversion rate: 0%

Season 7 is here! The teams are done, calendar decided, practice ongoing, but PSF1 is ready to get underway once again! Round 1 of the new season sees us heading to the stunning day to night race in Abu Dhabi. Situated just 100km south of Dubai, this unique track offers up some fantastic racing. Two huge straights provide overtaking opportunities at T8, and T11. The hairpin at T7 is also an opportunity for the brave amongst us.

The weather on race day is hardly worth mentioning, with nothing short of a heatwave scheduled over the weekend. Temperatures will reach up to 37c on race day, with not a cloud in sight.

Round 1 means a fresh start for everyone. Reigning champion Cliffy is looking strong in pre season testing, but there is a lot of talent on this grid who will be fighting all season to claim the grand prize in PSF1.

Go on board for a hot lap of Abu Dhabi below.

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