Brazil Pre Race Report

Welcome to Brazil

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 2

Number of times held: 3

Circuit Distance: 4.309km (2.677 mi)

Race Distance: 152.954km (95.033 mi)

Race Laps: 36

Lap Record: 01:11.039 by LEGIONVIII (S2;Ferrari)

Most Wins By Driver:

1 Leaping_Key78 (S2)

1 Kingpin341 (S4)

1 xJackLacey (S5)

Most Poles By Driver:

1 Leaping_Key78 (S2)

1 xJackLacey (S4)

1 OfficerJuan (S5)

Pole to win conversion rate: 33%



Season 7 kicked off with a bang last week, with Lego taking victory in an action packed race. Round 2 sees us head to a fan favourite in Interlagos, as the drivers prepare to take on the tight twists of Brazil. PSF1 has seen two title deciding races here, back in S2 when neilnicol won, and in S5, where xJackLacey won the race, but OfficerJuan took the title. No championships will be decided here today, but with great overtaking opportunities into T1 and into T4, we’re certainly in for a classic.


The weather for qualifying for both timeslots is confirmed as dry, with some clouds lingering. Race day also looks dry, but it’s Brazil, so anything can happen!

Round 1 set the benchmark for the season, but with notable retirements from kartinglegend & MaxiLucaGT5, those two are immediately on the back foot. Looking at the times for Brazil, everyone is extremely close, so the race promises to be eventful. A notable absentee to mention this week is OfficerJuan, who will be unable to attend. OfficerJuan’s title rivals will be chomping at the bit to gain some significant ground over him today.

Current championship leader, Legominecraft3, has provided us with another hot lap. Go on board below.

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