Stewards Findings For Japan

Formula 1

  • The incident between Maxi and Lego was deemed the fault of Maxi. Maxi made a mistake and clipped the grass, which caused him to swerve and hit Lego. Maxi didn’t give enough room for Lego to rejoin and Lego lost out. Lego and Maxi will switch positions.
  • The incident on lap 1 at turn 1 was deemed a racing incident. Karting should have given more room to Jack on his left though, and thus Karting will receive a reprimand for initially starting a chain reaction.
  • legominecraft3 will have 3 seconds removed from his race time. This doesn’t change his position.
  • NotPennysBoat will have 3 seconds removed from his race time. This promotes Penny to P8.
  • Lewis11004 will have 10 seconds added to his race time for pressing X.

Formula 2

  • Dylmoss had a 5 second stop go, which the game didn’t add on. Dylmoss will receive 5 seconds added to his time.
  • The incident between Hotzonda and Leaping was deemed extremely dangerous by Hotzonda, swerving left and hitting Leaping into a wall. Hotzonda will receive a 10 second penalty and 3 points on his super licence.

Formula 3

  • Multiple incidents between KLC73 and Cunamatata were noted, and KLC73 was deemed to be driving dangerously. KLC73 will receive a ten second penalty added to his race time.

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