Stewards Findings For Spain

Formula 1

  • Karting will receive a 10s penalty for causing an incident at T1 with tekken. Karting tried to go on the inside which he managed, but unfortunately no space was given on exit, and pushed tekken wide.
  • Lamine will receive a reprimand for pressing X.

Formula 2

  • Mini will receive a 5s penalty after the game didn’t add the time.
  • The incident between Leaping and Danny was deemed a racing incident. Danny went for the dive down the inside, whilst Leaping locked up, there was a bit of contact but nothing illegal. No action warranted.

Formula 3

  • TUF_Shayo was found to repeatedly take the old Spain layout, bypassing the last chicane. This was done on multiple occasions and thus TUF_Shayo has been disqualified from the classification. If this type of behaviour is repeated, it may lead to removal from the league.

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