Britain Pre Race Report

Welcome to Britain

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 2

Circuit Distance: 5.891km (3.66 mi)

Race Distance: 153.14km (95.16 mi)

Race Laps: 26

Lap Record: 01:31.976 by xJackLacey (Haas,S5)

Most Wins By Driver: 

1 kartinglegend21 (S3)

1 OfficerJuan (S5)

Most Poles By Driver:

1 Mini-Godbold (S3)

1 xJackLacey (S5)

Pole Conversion Rate: 0%

Previous Results: 

Season 3
Season 5

PSF1 gets a respite from travelling, as we stay at home for the British Grand Prix. Soaked in history, and a fan and driver favourite, Silverstone promises to deliver with plenty of action this Sunday. The track is transformed with the 2017 cars, with more speed and more down force, these cars are rapid around the fast complexes of the British track. Look for overtaking into T3 at Village and T15 of Stowe, a new favourite overtaking spot with these new cars.

Qualifying for F2 and F3 is confirmed as dry, but for F1, the qualifying is looking pretty conflicting but it looks like it will be wet during the F1 session before the race. The drivers will want to get some inters practice to be prepared for qualifying. The races in contrast looks fairly dry, so we will get some interesting strategies.

Cliffy finally took the lead in the drivers standings as Lego slipped to second. The third race at Britain in PSF1 history is certainly going to be an interesting one, as we got a fantastic race pre-season race. Can Lego fight back with a win, and take the fight to Cliffy? Or will Cliffy make strides forward to retain his title? Find out on Sunday!

Check out Season 5’s races from Britain, as well as a hot lap.

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