Belgium Pre Race Report

Welcome to Belgium

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 1

Number of times held: 4

Circuit Distance: 7.004km (4.352 mi)

Race Distance: 154.026km (95.707 mi)

Race Laps: 22

Lap Record: 01:48.024 – OfficerJuan (Ferrari;S6)

Most Wins By Driver: 

1 NotPennysBoat17 (S1)

1 neilnicol2008 (S2)

1 salvatore033 (S4)

1 cliffy7765 (S6)

Most Poles By Driver:

1 neilnicol2008 (S2)

1 xJackLacey (S4)

1 Samurai7C_Avelar (S6)

Pole Conversion Rate: 25%

Previous Results: 

Season 2
Season 4
Season 6

PSF1 heads to the world famous Spa Francorchamps for round 8 of the championship. Spa is a fan and driver favourite, and was also the inaugural race of PSF1 back in season 1. Since then we’ve seen plenty of exciting races. Plenty of overtaking spots around the longest track on the calendar, so expect to see a close fought competition on Sunday.

The weather for qualifying for all three leagues is light cloud, but the weather for the race still lies in question. Spa is notorious for it’s rain, and therefore drivers should expect it. Right now, the rain is due to ease up and stop before racing commence, but that could easily change.

Cliffy extended his lead to 15 points in the drivers championship, as Lego finishes just behind him again. Lego will desperately hoping for a win in Belgium, or cliffy may just start to run away with the title. If Cliffy’s run of good form continues, he’s set to wrap up the title in comfortable style, but will be wary that any small mistakes could hand the initiative to Lego.

Below you can check out a hot lap from legominecraft3, and last seasons races from F2.

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