Bahrain Pre Race Report

Welcome to Bahrain

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 2

Number of times held: 2

Circuit Distance: 5.412km (3.363 mi)

Race Distance: 154.202km (95.817 mi)

Race Laps: 29

Lap Record: 01:32.090 by Taktix (S2;Lotus)

Most Wins By Driver: 

1 HFawcett (S2)

1 xJackLacey (S4)

Most Poles By Driver:

1 Neilnicol2008 (S2)

1 xJackLacey (S4)

Pole Conversion Rate: 50%

Previous Results: 

Season 2
Season 4

As we head to round 9, we visit Bahrain for only the third time in PSF1 history. A fantastic track for overtaking and general racing, as we saw in 2014 when Nico and Lewis went head to head. With plenty of slow and fast corners this track has a unique balance of racing style. Look for overtakes into T1, T4, T8 and sometimes even T10.

The weather is barely even worth talking about as we head to one of the driest circuits on the F1 calendar. It WILL be dry. Famous last words..

Lego managed to bring the gap back down to 8 after his win in Belgium, but he will need to win again to truly keep the pressure on Cliffy. With only 4 rounds left, any mistakes or bad races now could prove extremely costly as the momentum swings back and forward. We believe the two stop is optimal, but maybe one of these drivers will try something different in an attempt to get the better of his opponent. Find out at 8pm!

Check out a hot lap from our title contender, legominecraft3!




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