Baku Pre Race Report

Welcome to Baku

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 3

Circuit Distance: 6.003 km (3.730 mi)

Race Distance: 153.024 km (95.085 mi)

Race Laps: 26

Lap Record: 01:41.712 by OfficerJuan (S6; Ferrari)

Most Wins By Driver: 

1 Kartinglegend21 (S3)

1 OfficerJuan (S5)

1 cliffy7765 (S6)

Most Poles By Driver:

1 kartinglegend21 (S3)

2 xJackLacey (S5, S6)

Pole Conversion Rate: 33%

Previous Results: 

Season 3
Season 5
Season 6


Round 10 of Season 7 see’s us head to arguably one of the toughest track on the calendar as we head to Baku for the fourth time in five seasons. The track draw has certainly been kind to Baku, which means drivers should be used to the track by now. From slow 90 degree corners to fast high speed flat out corners, Baku is certainly unique. There isn’t too many places where overtaking is possible but certainly look out for it into turns 1, 3, and 16. Most overtaking will come down the main straight though.

The qualifying weather for all three leagues is light cloud, and it looks much the same for the race too as a thin layer of cloud moves across the area. The temperatures should still be pretty warm, so drivers will have to look after their tyres.

In F1, cliffy managed to establish a 15 point gap once again as we head to the back end of the season. These two have been banging heads all season, and some feel Baku may be the game changer. A single mistake from one of the top two could mean the end of their title dreams. Have these drivers got what it takes to keep their calm and pick up the points in Baku?

In F2, MrCosta somehow managed to push his gap up to 7 after both title contenders had nightmares in Bahrain. Those poor races by trizzy and MrCosta see’s Sean eyeing a late title push as he’s now just 31 points behind MrCosta. Anymore mistakes from Trizzy or MrCosta could see this F2 title come down to a three way fight for the title.

And finally in F3, JamesyDMT and cunamatata continue to lock horns as the gap is just one single point after 9 races of back and fourth. Jamesy will be secretly hoping cunamatata picks up his first DNF of the season as he tries to brush off this late surge from cunamatata.

Check out Lego’s Lap below:

We only have footage from F2 from last season, check it out below:

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