Stewards Findings For Baku

Formula 1

  • The incidents between Cliffy and Lego have been deemed racing incidents. As Lego is the car in front, he has the right to brake where he deems correct. There isn’t enough difference between braking points and the stewards don’t believe there is any malicious behaviour. No further action necessary.
  • The incident at T3 where tekken hit cars in front was deemed a racing incident. Tbell and dougie crashed in front and unfortunately tekken was on the tail end of it, but nobody was at fault for tekkens damage as it was just wrong time wrong place. No further action warranted.
  • Tekken will have 10s removed from time for unfair penalty.

Formula 2

  • The incident between Dylmoss and Taffy was lag. Unfortunately Taffys lag has been an issue for a while and this incident has forced the stewards to impose a racing ban on Taffy until his internet is at a acceptable speed.

Formula 3

  • The incident between miles and everybody else at T1 was deemed reckless from miles, but as it was T1 on lap 1, it was always going to be a little hectic. Miles will receive a reprimand.
  • Bendall8 will have 5s removed from time for unfair penalty.

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