Russia Pre Race Report

Welcome to Russia

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 2

Number of times held: 2

Circuit Distance: 5.858 km (3.634 mi)

Race Distance: 154.866 km (96.229 mi)

Race Laps: 27

Lap Record: 01:37.438 by OfficerJuan (S5; Red Bull)

Most Wins By Driver: 

2 kartinglegend21 (S2,S5)

Most Poles By Driver:

1 kartinglegend21 (S2)

1 MaxiLucaGT5 (S5)

Pole Conversion Rate: 50%

Previous Results: 

Season 2
Season 5

Round 11 in Russia, the penultimate round in Season 7, is all set as the drivers prepare to tackle this tricky course. Famed for being extremely strict on track limits and offering some fantastic overtaking opportunities, this track is perfect for drivers todo battle. With a huge run to turn 1, expecting overtaking there. You should also see some overtaking into turns 8 and certainly into 11 as drivers try to be the last on the brakes.

The weather for qualifying for all leagues is set for scorching sunshine, and the race is looking much the same.

F1 see’s the gap tighten at the top as Lego chases down Cliffy. With the gap at just 5 now, Lego will be hoping for a win in Russia to give himself the best possible chance of taking the title in round 12. A win for cliffy will make it very hard for Lego to clinch it. Cliffy goes into round 11 with a lead and a 10 race podium streak, so it’s advantage Cliffy at this point.

F2 see’s a similar gap between MrCosta and Trizzy, with just 4 points separating them. Both drivers suffering setbacks in recent races, but Trizzy just can’t seem to get past MrCosta. The two have been going at it all season long, so Russia is a nice stage for this latest chapter in the story.

F3 also see’s an extremely small gap of 6 separating Jamesy and cunamatata. These two have been switching positions all season long and one will be wanting to get the upper hand before handing into Malaysia. Can cunamatata win again and take the lead again or will Jamesy extend his advantage?

Check out a Hotlap with Lego below

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