Singapore Pre Race Report

Welcome to Singapore 

 Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 1

Number of times held: 3

Circuit Distance: 5.065 km (3.147 mi)

Race Distance: 154.412 km (95.94 mi)

Race Laps: 31

Lap record: OfficerJuan- (01:42.714) S6

Pole record: xJackLacey – (01:39.937) S6

Most Wins By Driver: 

2 OfficerJuan

1 Jake01122

Most Poles By Driver:

1 xJackLacey


Season 8 is finally upon us and we all know that this season is already going to be a good one.


First off, our double PSF1 Champion, Cliffy, has announced that this will be his final season in PSF1 which I’m sure to some will be a relief and to others it’ll be a shame to see possibly the fastest ever driver PSF1 has ever had leave the league.


Following the end of season promotions means we have some new and some old names returning to PSF1’s top tier.


First off, Lego’s team mate Leaping Key. Having been here from the very beginning of PSF1 he’ll surely be looking to prove that he’s still got what it takes to beat the best. Having fought hard against some of the toughest competition F2 has seen in a while Leaping showed his experience and muscled his way into F1 and the Mercedes.


Secondly, we have another PSF1 legend, its Wardy. Wardy has struggled in the top tier of PSF1 at times being well known for his spends off the track rather than on it. But again, the 2x WCC holder has gone against the odds and secured a F1 promotion spot and will once again join OfficerJuan this time in the McLaren Honda.


Another former F1 driver joins us in F1 again, EnergyZeus. He’s had a wonder season in F2 and really surprised many of us, the question everyone’s asking is can he do it against the big names. He joins Samurai in the Sauber for season 8.


Moving onto the first of our F1 debutants, its Sean.  Having shown good pace in season 7 he’ll be looking be push for a title in F1 but with Lego having narrowly missed out last season, cliffy on hot form and not to mention our other newcomer’s competition is going to be tough! He joins Frisky in the Renault.


Trizzy is our second newcomer to F1. Having battled with Sean, Costa and Goodaids for almost every race last season can he keep it up? He’ll have to keep his cool when the going gets rough if he has any chance of beating the best. He joins Tekken in the Williams.


Last but certainly not least be any means is Goodaids. Having weaved his way through the divisions like Sean and Trizzy alike if there’s anything these guys know how to do it’s win. Goodaids will join Louis in the Red Bull for season 8.


These 3 newcomers having all been promoted from the F3 division have shown dominating performances over the last few seasons. Can they prove themselves worthy of a PSF1 title though? Season 8 we have it all!


Singapore has provided us with some great races over the years. The last Grand Prix saw several safety cars and strategy changes causing a brilliant close quarters finish to the race. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the safety car will be active during season 8 at all due to the number of glitches within the game.


Time penalties are huge factor here. With big open parts of the circuit having tiny curbs drivers will find it hard to resist the temptation of pulling the extra tenth or 2 by finding that perfect line. Walls are close throughout the lap but back off through some corners such as the first and last corners. But the Marina Bay Street Circuit is a street circuit for a reason, one small lapse of concentration can mean you’re in the wall and out of the race.


Best overtaking spots would be turns 1 and 7, they follow DRS zones, other slightly more optimistic overtakes might be seen at Turns 5, 8, 13 and 14. Strategy looks to be a 1 stop although we may see some drivers opt for the 2 stop. Weather for Qualifying is dry for all the divisions, with the race weather looking very unpredictable for F1 although at the time of writing looks dry… just! F2 and F3 look drier that’s for sure. Be sure to check out  a Hot lap with season 7 runner up, Lego.


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