Stewards findings for Singapore

Formula 1

There are no incidents to report in F1.

Formula 2

  • The incident between Cunamatata and PFC_STEVE has been taken very seriously. Cunamatata made a couple of bad moves, however, he did attempt to return the position. Cunamatata will receive a reprimand. PFC_STEVE made an obvious and deliberate attempt to crash into Cunamatata. These actions are strictly prohibited. Given the circumstances, PFC_STEVE will receive a race ban for round 2, 6 points on his licence and this will serve as a final warning. Anymore incidents like this and PFC_STEVE will be asked to leave the league.
  • The incident between Dylmoss and Bugatti was deemed a racing incident. Bugatti was alongside but not given quite enough space. However, the overtake was never really on, and therefore the collision was not deemed anybodies fault. No further action warranted.

Formula 3

  • The incident between Olly and Jake in qualifying was not deemed dangerous. The stewards believe that Olly could’ve kept going and Jake did not block Olly.
  • The incident between Raikkonen and xDisabledFear was deemed a racing incident. Raikkonen gave plenty of room, but Fear could not do anything and ended up drifting wide and clipping Raikkonen. No further action warranted.
  • The incidents between Raikkonen and Francisjessica were not deemed dangerous and was simply hard but fair racing. No further action warranted.

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