Britain Pre Race Report

Welcome to Britain
Key Stats
First Grand Prix: Season 3
Number of times held: 3
Circuit Distance 3.66 mi (5.891 km)
Race Distance: 95.16 mi (153.145 km)
Race laps: 26
Lap record: DAT_SWEG_THO – (01:29.807) S7
Pole record: Cliffy7765 – (01:40.234) S7
Most wins by driver: 
1 kartinglegend
1 OfficerJuan
1 cliffy7765
Most Poles By Driver:
1 MiniGodbold
1 xJackLacey
1 cliffy7765

A fantastic circuit that has seen many dramas over the course of PSF1. Most famously Minis pole way back in season 5 when he put on a stunning show but unfortunately couldn’t make further than the first corner before losing positions. It was his only ever pole in PSF1 and now sits in F2. So, watch out for him this weekend!


Popular overtaking spots include turns 3, 15 (Stowe) and 16 (Vale) obviously the DRS straights are available too and with turns 6 and 7 following off the first of these DRS zones it will surely create overtaking chances even with the nature of the racing line. Unless the driver in front makes an error, there isn’t many spots to make a move. Many of the corners are flat out and would only cause chaos should someone try a move.


Weather for qualifying is dry although there was large amounts of fog on circuit. Race however could be anything. With the weather being renown for changing at the very last second, practice for both wet and dry conditions is a safe bet.


For now, I’ll leave you with a lap from Lego around the Silvertsone circuit.

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