Baku Pre-Race Report

Welcome to Azerbaijan

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 4

Circuit Distance: 6.003km (3.73mi)

Race Distance: 153.024km (95.085)

Race laps: 26

Lap record: Juan – (01:41.712) S6

Pole Record: Cliffy – (01:40.265)

Most wins by driver:

1 Kartinglegend21

1 OfficerJuan

1 cliffy7765

1 legominecraft3

Most poles by driver:

2 xJackLacey

1 Kartinglegend21

1 cliffy7765

The Baku city circuit is back again for season 8. Many drivers dislike the track due to the high speed nature of the track. Unlike other street circuits such as Monaco and Singapore, Baku hosts some of the highest top speeds on the calendar. This is down to the longest straight in F1 and the high speed corners of 17, 18, 19 and 20 which are all flat in qualifying and most of the race.

Although the walls are close and overtaking chances are limited the DRS zones into turns 1 and 3 will surely create some risky maneuvers. With a large run off area at turn 1 we may see drivers get desperate and make a lunge.

Other overtaking opportunities only realistically exist going down the hill into turn 16 and that would only be if the driver in front makes a mistake out of turn 15 at the tricky downhill left hander.

And finally, everyone knew Cliffy was in his last season however following a incident in Silverstone he decided to cut his final season short leaving Sean and whoever else may fancy their chances to snatch the title away from Lego yet again. Lego goes into today’s race with a 15 point advantage.

Have a look below to check out how to nail the (almost) perfect lap around Baku.

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