Belgium Pre Race Report

Welcome to Belgium

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 1

Number of times held: 5

Circuit Distance: 7.004km (4.352mi)

Race Distance: 154.026km (95.707mi)

Race laps: 22

Lap Record: 01:46.637 set by Cliffy in S7

Pole Record: 01:43.837 set by Cliffy in S7

Most Wins by driver:

1 NotPennysBoat17

1 Neilnicol2008

1 salvatore033

1 Cliffy7765

1 Legominecraft3

Most poles by driver:

1 NeilNicol2008

1 xJackLacey

1 Samurai

1 cliffy7765

There’s nothing quite like the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. A huge favourite among many F1 drivers for many reasons. However, one big reason sticks out. Weather. The weather at Spa has always been a huge factor. Some parts of the circuit could be bone dry yet it’s raining somewhere else. And it looks like it may play a part in today’s race…

Having won lost time here in Belgium, Lego will once again look for a win to increase his lead over title rivals Goodaids and Sean.

The track itself boasts one of the most iconic turns on the F1 calendar, this of course being the flat out Eau Rouge, as you go left right left up the hill onto the long Kemmel straight.

The new cars slightly limit overtaking chances round here with a lack of straight line speed we may see some slightly more optimistic moves being made. Main overtaking opportunities would be T1, a big win or lose on the first lap. Turn 7 after the DRS zone on the Kemmel straight. Turn 10, a tricky one but the nature of the corner can sometimes force you into a unintended move.  Turns 13 and 15 may witness some overtakes however with the higher speed nature of the corners this era, it may just have to be a slipstream dash up to turn 19 at the bus stop chicane.

Qualifying is dry for all the divisions, the race however, is looking interesting. Rain is forecast, so keep an eye on the sky.

Check out the video down below for a lap onboard with F1 title leader Lego.

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