Australia Pre Race Report

Welcome to Australia

Key Stats

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 3

Circuit Distance: 5.303km (3.295mi)

Race Distance: 153.787km (95.535mi)

Race laps: 29

Lap Record: 01:26.429 set by xJackLacey

Pole Record: 01:24.279 set by kartinglegend21

Most Wins by driver:

1 kartinglegend21

1 Salvatore033

1 xJackLacey

Most poles by driver:

1 Gerkenator

1 OfficerJuan

1 kartinglegend21

Continuing with our current trend of tight, close quarters tracks this season we head to the sunny continent of Oceania for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

A track that has proven difficult for even the the best of drivers at times. Last time out in season 6 we saw the two title challengers Cliffy and Juan crash each other out with a crash that was deemed to be caused by lag.
Overtaking at Australia is hard, but turn 1 is always an option due it being straight off the first DRS zone, however the nature of the corner means that drivers either have to be right up alongside or extremely brave to make a move here.  Shortly following turns 1 and 2 is turn 3, also off a DRS straight. This corner requires heavier breaking enabling move overtakes so look out for drivers diving up the inside here.
The next overtaking chance is turn 9. Here can also host some overtakes depending on how good your exit is out of turn 6. The last realistic overtaking spot is turn 15, the tight left hand corner, leading onto the last corner. Here you have to be brave, committed and have trust in your brakes and tyres or you’ll miss the apex and find yourself on the grass.
With Sean (31points) and Goodaids (36 points) not scoring points last time out the title seems to be slipping away already. So who can still challenge Lego (108 points)? This weekend could prove to be a pivotal race in the challenge for title since Karting (51 points), Lego’s closest rival, is 57 points adrift followed closely be Lewis (46 points) and Louis (43 points).
The weather approaching the race is an interesting one. Rain is lurking, and threatening to spill over into the race. F2 and F3 look like rain could definitely play a part, but it may just hold off to keep the F1 race dry.
Check out a hotlap below from Lego.

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