Mexico Pre Race Report

Welcome to Mexico

First Grand Prix: Season 2

Number of Times Held: 3

Circuit Distance: 4.304km(2.674mi)

Race Distance: 152.677km(94.869)

Race Laps: 36

Lap Record: legominecraft3 (01:17.281)

Pole Record: MaxiLucaGT5 (01:17.029)

Most wins by driver:

1 legominecraft3

1 Kingpin

1 MaxiLucaGT5

Most poles by driver:

1 neilnicol2008

1 OfficerJuan

1 MaxiLucaGT5

As we head to Mexico for the fourth time in PSF1 history, there are a few things to consider going into this race. Lego has surmounted a huge lead at the top of the table, but with five brand new faces, fresh from F2, can they now pose a threat and swing this title back towards Lego’s challengers?

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit poses some interesting strategies and challenges. A huge straight and not many overtaking spots will see drivers making interesting decisions to come out on top. Overtaking spots include corners 1, 4, 12 and 13, plus the huge DRS straight as well, but with many drivers likely to choose a two stop, it gives them plenty of chance to choose an ideal pit window to come out in first place. Different strategies are to be expected though.

The weather for qualifying in all three tiers is hot and sunny, but the race could be much different. It’s looking predominately dry right now, but there is small rain pockets lurking around race time, so don’t be surprised to some rain during the race.

That’s all for now, but check out a Hotlap from Lego below

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