Abu Dhabi Pre Race Report

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 3

Circuit Distance: 5.554km (3.451mi)

Race distance: 152.677km (94.869mi)

Race Laps: 28

Lap Record: xJackLacey (01:38.722) S7

Pole Record: MaxiLucaGT5 (01:36.010) S7

Welcome to Abu Dhabi

The Yas Marina Circuit is still a fairly new addition to the calendar but has already earned favouritism from drivers. The circuit itself boasts 2 big DRS staights along with the the tight and twisty third sector where precision is vital for a quick Qualifying lap.

Last week gave us some interesting results for some of the big names could this be the mid season promotions having their effects already?

Lego still has a huge lead over Sean in the championship but the title leader won’t be wanting to have too many results like last week’s. It’s his first non podium finish since Austria last season.

With Abu Dhabi being held at the beginning of season 7 setups will have changed dramatically so expect for quicker times across the board.

Strategy wise it’s a fairly easy 1 stop depending on if the drivers can nurse the rear tyres to lap 8 or beyond. If not the drivers have a Ultra to Supers and then Supers again strategy available to them which can be as fast as the 1 stop.

Major overtaking spots consist of turns 8 and 10 they follow long DRS straights. Turn 4 may see some action early on and around the pit stop times as cars will be close together. Other than turns 1 and 6 overtaking places are pretty scarce around this circuit which is why the 1 stop can be very competitive here.

The forecast is very sunny as predicted but that hasn’t seemed to put everyone off wet practice.

Check out the Yas Marina Circuit with a hotlap from Lego below.

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