Abu Dhabi Stewards Report

Formula 1

  • Tekken will receive a reprimand for hitting X at the start
  • Dougie will receive a reprimand for blocking Sean on his hot lap. Please be more aware of approaching cars whilst you are not on a fast lap.

Formula 2

  • The incident between Eggly and kbkillerzone22 is both drivers faults for excessively pushing the boundaries of the rules. Kbkillerzone22 initially pushes Eggly off track, where Eggly then slows during the next chicane, possibly to give back illegal overtake, however, this is a poor place todo it. Kbkillerzone22 then swipes across the front of eggly’s car. Both drivers were reckless. Kbkillerzone22 will receive a 10 second penalty and 3 points on his licence. Eggly will receive a reprimand and 3 points on his licence.
  • The incident between kbkillerzone22 and jakeeeboy is a racing incident. Jake is going wide and hits the curb, which pushes him back into the path of kbkillerzone22, who should’ve given Jakeeeboy a little more room. No further action warranted.

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