Hungary Pre Race Report

Welcome to Hungary

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 3

Circuit Distance: 4.381km (2.722mi)

Race Distance: 153.331km (95.28mi)

Race Laps: 35

Lap Record: 01:18.780 set by louisw03 in S7

Pole Record: 01:17486 set by Cliffy7765 in S7

Most wins by driver:

1 kartinglegend21

1 xJackLacey

1 louisw03

Most poles by driver:

2 xJackLacey

1 Cliffy7765


Welcome to the Hungaroring, a circuit nestled just on the outskirts of Budapest. A track that has featured many times in PSF1 history, causing some fantastic races with its tight and twisty layout and the unpredictable weather causes even more controversy. Drivers will find overtaking hard to come by at this one!

There’s only a handful of overtaking spots here. Turns 1 through 3 are popular for trying a move. The brave can try a move at turn 6 and 7, and possibly even 13, but most of the overtaking this race will exist down the main straight, so expect plenty of different strategies being tried in an attempt to thwart the other drivers here. 1200px-Hungaroring.svg.png

legominecraft3 gets his first real opportunity to take home the WDC today, with a win being enough to seal the deal, whilst finishing ahead of Sean will pretty much seal it too. Sean is still in contention for the title, but would need legominecraft3 to run into some problems to realistically bring home the title. Plenty of other fast drivers on the grid tonight to give lego a hard time, but lego will feel pretty confident in his ability to win the title tonight. At the other end, Leaping, tezza, Juan and bugatti still find themselves in a relegation battle. OfficerJuan will be racing tonight so he’ll be looking to secure a place in F1 next season with a good result, whilst the likes of Penny, trizzy, cunamatata and Jake will be looking to push away from the drop zone.



There was some snow falling yesterday, which means that all three tiers in PSF1 tonight will have light rain for qualifying. However, the race looks to be a completely different story with sun appearing now and then, which will give the drivers a good chance to start on whatever tyre they feel like come lights out.


That’s all this week, check out Lego’s hotlap below!


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