Britain Pre Race Report

Welcome to Britain

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 4

Circuit Distance: 5.891km (3.66 mi)

Race Distance: 153.145km (95.16)

Race Laps: 26

Lap Record: 01:29.194 set by dougie_antonio97 in season 8

Pole Record: 01:27.020 set by SeanISR-16 in season 8

Most wins by driver:

1 kartinglegend21

1 OfficerJuan

1 cliffy7765

1 legominecraft3

Most poles by driver:

1 Mini-Godbold

1 xJackLacey

1 cliffy7765

1 SeanISR-16

Welcome to the home of Formula 1! We head to Silverstone for round 2. Located just outside of Milton Keynes, this track is the birthplace of Formula 1, with the first ever F1 race taking place here. The drivers will be keen to add their bit of history to this prestigious event.

Just like Bahrain last week, Silverstone offers absolutely loads of potential overtaking spots. The first coming at turn 3 & 4 in The Loop, before heading down hanger straight for an opportunity into Brooklands and Luffield. After that, it’s power down all the way to Maggots and Becketts, with brave drivers attempting a move at turn 13. Heading down Wellington straight, Stowe offers a chance to overtake at turn 16 and 17, Vale and Club. Circuit_Silverstone_2011.svg.png

Round 2 of 14, and Louisw03 currently leads the way with Frisky & Sean following close behind. This race should be an interesting one. Most drivers will opt for the one stop, but with so many talented drivers, some may try something crazy to get the jump on their opponents. With so many overtaking opportunities here, it’s extremely difficult to pin point a winner.

Being Britain, the weather is extremely unpredictable. However, we can confirm that all three qualifying sessions tomorrow will be light cloud. However, heading into the race, there is rain in air, currently looks like it’ll avoid all tiers, but like we mentioned, it’s Britain, so anything can happen with the weather.

That’s all for this week, but check out Lego’s Hotlap of Britain below!

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