Britain Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: OfficerJuan had two corner cut warnings he wanted looking at.

Stewards View: OfficerJuan gained no time in these warnings.

Penalty: OfficerJuan will have 3 seconds removed from his race time.


Incident: bugatti had a 5 second stop go he wanted looking at.

Stewards View: bugatti had no way to hand the place back whilst been given his 5 second stop go.

Penalty: bugatti will have 5 seconds removed from his time.


Incident: SeanISR-16 had an unserved 5 second stop go penalty.

Stewards View: The game does not add 5 second stop go’s to the race time if the stop go is not served, and therefore Sean never served the penalty.

Penalty: SeanISR-16 will have 5 seconds added to his race time.


Incident: Tekken reported that Dougie slowed him on his hot lap during qualifying.

Stewards View: The stewards have reviewed Tekkens footage and found that Dougie didn’t impede tekkens lap and made a good effort to move out of the way.

Penalty: No further action warranted.


Formula 2


Incident: NotOnPole was hit by his teammate difletcher at the entrance to Stowe, which caused NotOnPole to spin.

Stewards View: NotOnPole was not given enough room and difletcher gave no regard to space, which is why NotOnPole’s car spun.

Penalty: difletcher will receive 10 seconds added to his race time.


Incident: Raikkonen appears to push NotSoHappyCow wide at turn 1, which causes Cow to lose the car.

Stewards View: Raikkonen should have given more room at turn 1, but there may have been some lag involved too.

Penalty: Raikkonen will receive a reprimand for this incident.


Incident: difletcher came back on track whilst Trizzy was on a hot lap and caused Trizzy significant damage.

Stewards View: difletcher has a complete lack of awareness in this incident, and should be looking out for other cars whilst re-entering the track.

Penalty: difletcher will receive 3 points on his racing licence.


Formula 3


Incident: Kingdonmartin pressed X before the formation lap.

Stewards View: N/A

Penalty: kingdonmartin will receive a 10 second penalty.



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