Russia Pre Race Report

Welcome to Russia

First Grand Prix: Season 2

Number of times held: 4

Circuit Distance: 5.848km (3.634mi)

Race Distance: 154.866km (96.229mi)

Race Laps: 27

Lap Record: 01:34.889 set by ItzFrIsKy_Cj in season 7

Pole Record: 01:32.791 set by louisw03 in season 7

Most wins by driver:

2 kartinglegend21

1 Jake01122

1 louisw03

Most poles by driver:

1 kartinglegend21

1 MaxiLucaGT5

1 louisw03

Welcome to the Russian Grand Prix, located in Sochi, Russia. Russia is just round 3 of this 14 race long season, but Russia has a rich history in PSF1, even being known as the race that would never be raced, when Codemasters servers died back in 2016.

This track offers a decent amount of overtaking spots, especially heading into turns 1 and 2 as drivers line up a move before heading into the tight fast right hander. The long left hander of turn 4 provides an opportunity for drivers to line up a move heading into turn 5. A lot of 90 degree corners between turns 6 and 11, which makes overtaking difficult. Another opportunity presents itself into turns 14 and 15, and even 16 for the brave.


Heading into round 3 of 14, and the fight at the top is extremely close. However, that could all change this weekend with title challengers Cliffy, Sean and louisw03 not racing, which gives people like Lego to take the initiative. Expect to see some other guys you wouldn’t normally see on the podium, a bit like last week when NotPennysBoat17 secured his first podium in a year. The relegation battle in F1 is also starting to intensify with a few big drivers with a lack of points, but with 14 races this season, I wouldn’t read too much into it just yet!

The weather doesn’t look likely to play a part this weekend, with mostly clear skies and sunshine on the horizon. At the time of writing, F2 and F3 are confirmed dry qualifying and F1 is expected to be the same.

Thanks for popping by, that’s all for this week. For now, check out Lego’s hot lap below!

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