Baku Pre Race Report

Welcome to Azerbaijan 

First Grand Prix: Season 3

Number of times held: 5

Circuit Distance: 6.003km (3.73mi)

Race Distance: 153.024km (95.085)

Race Laps: 26

Lap Record: 1:41.552 set by lewis11004 in season 8

Pole Record: 1:40.265 set by cliffy7765 in season 8

Most wins by driver:

2 legominecraft3

1 kartinglegend21

1 OfficerJuan

1 cliffy7765

Most poles by driver:

2 xJackLacey

1 kartinglegend21

1 cliffy7765

1 SeanISR-16

Welcome to Baku, located on a peninsula on the east coast of Azerbaijan. Baku is a track that just keeps popping up. It’s been featured on the calendar 6 times in 7 seasons, meaning the drivers should be well used to this track by now! Still, expect carnage in the races nonetheless!

Baku offers a decent amount of overtaking for a street circuit. There’s an opportunity to overtake into turn 1 and possibly 2 and 3 as well if you’re brave. After that, the castle sector is a complete no go on overtaking, but turn 16 has a decent chance to get past, but most drivers will prefer to sit in the slip stream and DRS all the way down to turn 1. Baku-F1-Street-Circuit-rev1 (1).png

This is round 4 of the championship and already we’ve got a cracking season lined up. Lego is in prime condition to defend his championship, sitting at the head of the table with a 9 point gap, with 50 points over Maxi’s 41. Plenty of drivers further down the table, including the likes of Cliffy and louis, still have a shot at this title, but they will need a near on perfect season from this point onward. Although, Lego’s points haul took a huge dip at the end of season 8, so another spell like that may bring some guys back into the title fight late on.

As we approach summer, the weather in Europe becomes a little more predictable. Bright sunshine is expected all through the weekend, so nothing to worry about in terms of a damp track!

That’s it for this week, we’ll be back again next week for Brazil. Until then, check out Lego’s hot lap of Baku!

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