Baku Stewards Report

Formula 1


Incident: Lego and Bugatti go side by side from turn 1 to turn 7.

Stewards View: Lego failed to give bugatti space on some of the corners whilst bugatti was alongside at turns 5 and 6, and then tried an attempt up the inside at turn 7 which was never going to work, causing Bugatti to half spin.

Penalty: Lego will receive a reprimand for the turn 7 incident. Lego also needs to make sure he works on giving a little more space through corners. A repeat offence in the next three races may  result in points on his licence.


Incident: Tekken hits the back of Smertens at turn 2.

Stewards View: Smertens is simply braking a little earlier on old tyres, and tekken doesn’t suspect this and hits him from behind. Smertens has the right to dictate the speed and tekken got caught out.

Penalty: No further action warranted.


Incident: Cliffy hits the back of tekken at turn 3, pushing tekken a little wide.

Stewards View: Cliffy was on much faster tyres and may have missed his braking zone a little which resulted in him hitting tekken, but tekken was not hindered and neither was tekken.

Penalty: No further action warranted.


Formula 2


Incident: Eggly hits the back of Fear into turn 3.

Stewards View: Fear is taking it careful into turn 3 and trying not to lose his front wing, whereas Eggly is looking up the inside and caught out by Fear, resulting in Eggly losing wing.

Penalty: No further action warranted but Fear is reminded to be a bit more careful of who is behind you when braking early into corners.


Formula 3


Incident: DomainZain had an unserved stop go.

Stewards View: N/A

Penalty: 5 seconds added to DomainZain’s race time.

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