Brazil Pre Race Report

Welcome to Brazil!


Welcome to Brazil, located within the depths of São Paulo, located on the south east coast of Brazil. This track is certainly a fan favourite, and a number of different strategy options promises an entertaining race from start to finish. Expect some carnage into turn 1 as the cars attempt to squeeze around the Senna esses!

Brazil is a very short track, the second shortest track on the calendar, but this circuit offers up plenty of good racing. Overtaking chances start at turn 1, where you can try to dive up the inside or try around the outside, setting you up for the next few turns. Next opportunity is turn 4, before heading up the hill before chances at turn 8 and then 10. Final chance is probably at turn 12, before heading onto the straight for another chance into turn 1. 800px-Autódromo_José_Carlos_Pace_(AKA_Interlagos)_track_map.svg.png

Round 5 then, and we’re almost half way through the seasons. The drivers have really got to start thinking about that title challenge at this point. And the title race couldn’t be closer! Just 12 points separate the top 6, with Sean leading the way on 52 points, with Lego just 1 point behind, and Louis another point behind. With plenty of drivers showing good pace for Brazil, this Brazilian grand prix should offer up plenty of action and people fighting for those important points!

The weather in Europe may be shaping up nicely, but down in South America, the seasons are flipped. Meaning its almost winter in Brazil. There are still questions up in the air about the weather for todays races, but all three qualifying sessions are confirmed as dry.

That’s it for this week, we’ll be back again next week for Japan. Until then, check out Lego’s hot lap of Brazil!

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