Singapore Pre Race Report

Welcome to Singapore!


Welcome to the challenging streets of Singapore! Another challenging circuit awaits the drivers today, as they attempt to take on yet another tough track in a long line of tough tracks this season. Hosted under the lights, and under the highways of Singapore, this certainly is a race to look forward to!

Despite being a tricky street circuit, Singapore still has plenty of overtaking spots, which is probably why it’s one of the favourite street circuits on the calendar. First overtaking opportunity is turns 1, 2 and 3 as you attempt to force your opponent wide. The next chance is at turn 5, as you can slip your car up the inside, however, most drivers will prefer to get into the slip stream and attempt a move at turn 7. A couple of 90 degree corners follow this, limiting overtaking, before turn 13 approaches after the Anderson Bridge. A long run down to turn 14 gives the drivers another chance, and finally turns 20 and 21 give good chances to get past your opponent too.


This is round 7 of the championship, and things are starting to hot up and take shape the the battle for the F1 title. Lego still maintains a lead at the top, but after round 6, his lead is down to just 9 points to Sean, can Sean take the challenge to Lego in Singapore? If Louis races, can he keep up his 100% win ratio, winning all the races he attends? Things are also looking to tighten up in the relegation battle too with the bottom 9 drivers separated by just 10 points. How will the table look after round 7?

The rain has held off for qualifying in all three tiers, but the same cannot be said for the race. Rain and thunder is lurking and nobody really knows what’s going to happen! It’s anybodies guess at this point.

That’s it for this week, but check out Lego’s hotlap below!

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