China Pre Race Report

Welcome to China!


Welcome to the high speed circuit of China, located just north west of Shanghai. This track is a fan favourite with lots of overtaking points and lots of high speed sections, it certainly makes this track a challenging yet fun obstacle in this seasons calendar.

A very unique turn 1 gets the undertaking underway at China, as you can look to go around the outside to get the inside for turns 3 and 4. A short straight and kink the road before a huge overtaking spot at the turn 6 hairpin This is followed by a flat out section through turn 7 and into 8 where overtaking is possible, but not often. Turns 9 and 10 have opportunities too, but you have to be inch perfect there. Turn 11 is an overtaking spot too, but some drivers would much prefer to line themselves up through turn 12 and get the DRS and slipstream down the back straight and get a move done into turn 14.


Another round down, and more drama unfolding. Lego’s gap at the top is now just 6 points, and if Louis wins again today, we’ll see a new name at the top of the pile. Louis looks like the only person capable of challenging right now, with Sean not having the perfect season, and the likes of Cliffy and Maxi just enjoying the season instead of going for an all out title push. Lego will be sweating a bit with the gap only at 6, but I’m sure he’s confident that he can get a good result here today.

Famous last words, but, there’s no need to worry about the weather this weekend. Qualifying is dry throughout in all tiers and the race looks much the same. Starting to think we’re not going to see rain this season, which would be a first in PSF1!

That’s everything for now, but check out Lego’s hot lap below!

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