Austria Pre Race Report

Welcome to Austria!


Welcome to the flat out circuit that is the Red Bull Ring, located just North West of Spielberg, Austria. Whilst this may be the shortest lap on the calendar, this track certainly packs a punch with long straights and hard braking zones. Plenty of action to be had at this little track, nestled in the hills.

There may only be eight corners, but almost all of them are overtaking opportunities. Starting of with turn 1, although you do have to be extremely brave here, and its often best waiting for the tight turn 2. Going downhill approaching turn 3, the inside usually wins this battle here, but if you can get around the outside, you line yourself up nicely for a move into turn 4. Overtaking is unlikely at turn 5 and 6, but turn whilst turn 7 is fast, you can stick it up the inside if you’re feeling brave! Turn 8 isn’t really a good place to overtaking, as hitting the inside curb will usually send you into orbit!


Austria is round 9 of 14 on the calendar, and with the championship so delicately poised, it’s still anybodies guess who will come away with the season 9 title. Lego maintains his lead at the top over Louis after a fantastic duel last weekend in China. With Sean and Cliffy lagging behind, they’re almost out of contention for this season’s title, as it looks like it might go down to the wire between Lego and Louis, if Louis can maintain his good attendance of late. The bottom of the F1 table is starting to heat up substantially too. There are still realistically 11 drivers still at threat and just 21 points separating the bottom 11.

Season 9 of PSF1 has been notoriously dry, but that’s all about to change this week. Qualifying in F3 and F2 is confirmed as light rain to heavy rain, with showers in the area, And F1 is overcast to heavy rain, which means the qualifying sessions are going to be very interesting. The race, well nobody knows just yet. There’s a very good chance of rain throughout all races, but this could change. F1 looks like it could miss the rain completely.

That’s it for this week, but below you will find Lego’s hot lap as usual!

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