Monaco Pre Race Report

Welcome to Monaco!


Welcome to Monaco, the crown jewel of the racing calendar. Some criticize it for it’s lack of overtaking, but there is no denying that is the most challenging circuit on the calendar. With a short lap time and walls on every side, qualifying will be extremely important today.

Normally this is where the overtaking spots of the circuit are discussed, but Monaco really doesn’t have many, if any. There is a small possibility into turn 1 if you can get a good exit out of the last corner, and another chance at turn 10 into the chicane after the tunnel. 1200px-Monte_Carlo_Formula_1_track_map.svg.png

Round 10 of 14, with only 5 races to go and only 25 points separating Lego, Louis, Cliffy and Sean at the top of the table, Monaco may be a turning point in this seasons title race. The focus may be on Cliffy and Sean though, as this track is majorly over powered for wheel users, whereas Lego and Louis may struggle on pad. This race really will come down to who can finish the race, and a mistake from any 4 of these drivers could put them out of the title race just like that.

The weather this weekend looks dry once again, with no drops of rain looming in the air. It may change come race time, but that is extremely unlikely. F2 and F3 qualifying are confirmed as light cloud, whereas F1 is confirmed as clear.

That’s all for this week, but check out Lego’s hot lap of Monaco below!

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