Malaysia Stewards Report

Formula 1

There are no incidents in F1.


Formula 2

Incident: PrototypeStef goes side by side with hotzonda at turn 3 and appears to push hotzonda off.

Stewards View: There are a lot of cars going into tight turns and the conditions are poor and hotzonda keeps his foot pinned which doesn’t help his cars position on track, and PrototypeStef is not solely to blame for this incident.

Penalty: No further action warranted.


Incident: hotzonda and PrototypeStef go side by side into turn 2 and 3 again and an incident occurs.

Stewards View: PrototypeStef goes in a little hot into turn 2 and then doesn’t give hotzonda enough room on the exit of turn 2.

Penalty: PrototypeStef will receive a reprimand.


Incident: hotzonda hits the back of Dylmoss96 going into turn 1.

Stewards View: hotzonda completely misses his braking zone and ploughs straight into the back of Dylmoss96 and forces him off track.

Penalty: hotzonda will receive 3 points on his licence for reckless driving.


Incident: Dylmoss96 had an unfair 3 second penalty whilst he was busy crashing.

Stewards View: N/A

Penalty: Dylmoss96 will have 3 seconds removed from his time.



Formula 3

Incident: kingdonmartin35 hit X before the formation lap.

Stewards View: N/A

Penalty: Kingdonmartin35 will have 10 seconds added to his race time.


Incident: marklinmarklin retired on track in a dangerous location and caused damage to other cars.

Stewards View: marklinmarklin clearly broke the rule regarding retiring on track, and in the meantime, caused damage to other drivers, impeding their race.

Penalty: marklinmarklin will receive 6 points on his licence.


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