Spain Pre Race Report


Welcome to Spain!

Welcome to the Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya for the penultimate round of the season 9 championship here in PSF1. Things are beginning to heat up and I don’t just mean the weather…
Looking at our title contestants then we have Lego holding a slender lead over Louis, the gap just 2 points with Sean slacking a further 19 he needs a win this weekend just to stay in the hunt.
The track itself here is fast flowing and really does require precision and concentration. Mainly due to the high number of unforgiving astroturfs and gravel traps.
 16 corners make up this circuit and there’s only a couple of overtaking opportunities. Turn 1 follows the first DRS zone after the long front straight. If you can stay close through turns  1,2 and 3 an overtake into 4 is apossible and even into 5 if you play your cards right. The last overtaking spot is turn 10 after the second DRS zone. This however is tricky due to turn 9 being almost flat and following is very difficult.
All three qualifying sessions are confirmed as dry, and the race is almost certainly the same. Famous last words.. But for now we’ll leave you with a hotlap from Lego

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