Australia Pre Race Report

Welcome to Australia!



A track which doesn’t normally see much action will be today’s F1 title decider. Looking for a second consecutive title, Lego on 200 points leading the way by 14 points ahead of his closest championship rival, Sean.
 Sean currently on 186 points needs more than just a win today in order to lift the title. With Lego only needing 4th place or better to bring home the title.
A now rather distant 3rd place but still in the running, 20 points behind Lego on 180 points, it’s Louis. Having shown electric pace this season and lighting up the Time Trial leaderboards it’s clearly not his speed that’s let him down. A poor run of DNS’ and a DNF in Austria means that even with a win Lego would need to finish 7th or lower.
Onto the track itself then and you could say that this is a labelled a boring circuit. Many many fast narrow corners with minimal breaking required means that overtaking is pretty much non existent here.
A late lunge into turn 13 is an option but requires a close following through turns 11 and 12, the fast chicane. Turns 1 and 3 follow DRS zones so naturally create opportunities but being close enough to do so is very tricky here. Other more optimistic chances are turns 9 and 15 but probably the only other overtaking spots without the car in front making a huge error.4d872a8819fed9594b20b4e771b11c80.png
Weather for all tiers is dry in qualifying, with F1 seeing more of the sun and F2 and F3 getting some light cloud.
The race itself is dry for now but there are clouds looming over the circuit so be prepared, with a small chance of some rain in F2 and F3!
Enjoy the last race of season 9 and F1 2017 and we’ll leave you with a lap from Lego.

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