Canada Stewards Report

Formula 1

There are no incidents to report in F1.


Formula 2

Incident: Dylmoss96 had a unfair 3 second penalty.

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: Dylmoss96 will have a 3s penalty removed from his race time.



Formula 3


Incident: King_MJJ pressed X before formation lap.

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: King_MJJ will receive 10 seconds added to his race time.


Incident: UGABulldogs and Lfcleeroy collide at T3/T4

Stewards View: Lfcleeroy is trying to line up a move, but gets too close to the back of Bulldogs and it appears netcode had a part to play, but drivers have been warned not to get too close to the back of people whilst netcode still exists in F1 2018.

Decision: Lfcleeroy will receive 3 points on his licence for dangerous driving, and receive a reprimand for getting too close, despite being warned about the effects of netcode.


Incident: ManuelHamilton was on the racing line at the start of VSR_Francis hotlap, making him take evasive action.

Stewards View: Not too sure what ManuelHamilton was doing, but needs to be aware of other drivers approaching whilst on the racing line.

Decision: ManuelHamilton will receive a reprimand.


Incident: Lfcleeroy and ZeGallego make contact at turn 1.

Stewards View: Lfcleeroy comes flying up the inside and has no intention of making the corner, and pushes ZeGallego off track.

Decision: Lfcleeroy will receive a further 2 points on his licence for dangerous driving. Lfcleeroy total stands at 8 now. 4 more points and LFCleeroy will receive a race ban.


Incident: ManuelHamilton and Ollyflavell collide on the back straight.

Stewards View: ManuelHamilton slowly drifts from right to left, and at the same time netcode slightly desyncs to the two drivers. We dont believe anybody is solely to blame for this crash.

Decision: No further action warranted.



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