Germany Stewards Report

Formula 1


Incident: OfficerJuan & PFC_STEVE made contact at turns 9 and 10, causing OfficerJuan to spin.

Stewards View: OfficerJuan went deep into turn 8, and came back onto track a little too much, squeezing PFC_STEVE out, which subsequently caused the spin.

Decision: No further action warranted.


Incident: Lego and Maxi make contact on the exit of turn 6, causing lego to spin out and hit the wall.

Stewards View: It appears that Maxi gets unnecessarily close to the back of Lego, and continues to apply throttle despite already making contact with the rear of Lego’s car, causing Lego to spin and sustain damage.

Decision: See next incident.


Incident: Maxi gets too close to the back of Lego’s car on the main straight, causing Lego to lose control of his car.

Stewards View: Maxi gets too close and causes netcode, which drivers have repeatedly been warned about.

Decision: In combination with the previous incident and this one, Maxi will receive 6 points on his drivers licence. Maxi has now reached 12 total points and will therefore receive a race ban for round 7 at Hungary. His licence points are reset to zero.


Incident: Maxi and Lego make contact and crash at 14.

Stewards View: The stewards believe that Lego could’ve given more space, and Maxi should’ve been less aggressive.

Decision: No further action warranted.


Formula 2

Incident: Wetnets and Eggly make contact at turn 8.

Stewards View: Wetnets appears to lose control of his car, whilst trying to unlap himself from Eggly. Whilst unlapping is allowed, unfortunately he caused damaged to eggly.

Decision: Wetnets will be disqualified from the German Grand Prix. Wetnets will also receive 6 points on his licence. Eggly will receive 3 points on his licence for admitting he brake checked Wetnets afterwards.


Incident: cunamatata goes deep at turn 6 and makes contact with dylmoss.

Stewards View: cunamatata tries to go deep and ends up hitting dylmoss. cunamatata should probably have let dylmoss back pass, and it wasn’t a fair pass.

Decision: cunamatata will receive a 5 second penalty.


Incident: cunamatata had an unfair 3 second penalty.

Stewards View: N/A 

Decision:cunamatata will have 3 seconds removed from his time.


Formula 3

Incident: Taffy makes contact with shane at 6, and fails to let shane reenter the track.

Stewards View: Taffy misses his braking point at turn 6, pushing shane off the track. When shane tries to reenter, taffy blocks him from reentering the track.

Decision: Taffy will receive 3 points on his licence.


Incident: shanetheboss fails to let King_MJJ in adequate time whilst under blue flags.

Stewards View: shanetheboss had plenty of opportunity to let King_MJJ pass, but left it too late.

Decision: shanetheboss will receive 2 points on his licence.


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