Hungary Stewards Report

Formula 1

There was no incidents in F1.

Formula 2

Incident: Smertens & Dylmoss collide at T1.

Stewards View: Dylmoss makes a poor attempt to stop into T1, and collects Smertens in an attempt to avoid the collision.

Decision: Dylmoss will receive a 15s time penalty & 3 points on his licence.


Formula 3

Incident: Insanerampage8 pressed X before formation lap

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: insanerampage8 will receive a reprimand.


Incident: Hotzonda hit the rear of Taffy into T2.

Stewards View: hotzonda fails to stop in time, causes Taffy to lose wing on back of King_MJJ, and King_MJJ spins.

Decision: hotzonda will receive 3 points & a reprimand.


Incident: hotzonda & Shane collide at T4

Stewards View: Shane goes slightly off track and and comes back on slightly too much. Hotzonda left a car widths room.

Decision: No further action warranted.


Incident: King_MJJ & marklinmarklin collide after T4.

Stewards View: It appears that marklinmarklin renters the track unsafely & causes the collision between him and King_MJJ.

Decision: Coupled with this incident & marklinmarklin spinning dangerously on track, he will receive 6 points on his licence. Marklinmarklin has amassed 12 points in total & will therefore receive a race ban for round 8 at Bahrain.


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