Bahrain Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Lego and tekken made contact at turn 6.

Stewards View: Tekken had to brake more than he’d like as he had cars in front of him, and as he got back up to Speed, it caught lego off guard, who then hit the back of him. No driver is fully at fault.

Decision: No further action warranted.


Incident: lewis11004 crashed intentionally into a wall during qualifying.

Stewards View: Drivers should not intentionally crash to retire from sessions, especially as Lewis11004 had a car behind.

Decision: lewis11004 will receive a reprimand.


Formula 2

Incident: Xandermar and Wetnets make contact at turn 10.

Stewards View: Whilst Wetnets does appear to brake early, he is trying to get out of being pushed off track on the outside, but also needs to consider drivers behind.

Decision: Wetnets will receive a reprimand.

Formula 3

Incident: Steentje12 hit X before formation lap.

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: Steentje12 will receive a 10s penalty added to his race time.


Incident: Shane and Hotzonda made contact 2

Stewards View: It looks like Hotzonda got a little too close and pushed Shane off the track, netcode May have also played a part in this.

Decision: Hotzonda will receive a 20s time penalty and 3 points on his licence.


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