Brazil Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Dougie impeded Officerjuan during qualifying.

Stewards View: Dougie paused and retired on track, whilst Juan was directly behind him. With how the game works, this impeded Juan and gave him nowhere to go, directly affecting his starting position.

Decision: Dougie will receive a 5 second penalty added to his race time and 3 points on his licence. As a message to ALL, please remember not to retire on track, and to either pull of to the side of go into the pits before you retired. Retiring on track can be dangerous to other drivers.



Formula 2


Incident: Wetnets & Trenchgun made contact at turn 3.

Stewards View: Wetnets is pushed off track, before reentering. For some unknown reason, then makes an unnecessary right turn, hitting cunamatata, and putting himself in the path of trenchgun. Wetnets should’ve been more aware of his surroundings, but due to the intense rain and it being a first lap incident, the penalty isn’t as severe.

Decision: Wetnets will receive 2 points on his licence.



Formula 3

Incident: Miles and Lfcleeroy make contact on the front straight.

Stewards View: It would appear the Lfcleeroy lost concentration, or possibly even netcode. It is hard to tell with the videos provided, and therefore will be listed as inconclusive evidence.

Decision: No further action warranted.


Incident: Morrisminor appears to try and unsafely unlap himself from King_MJJ.

Stewards View: This is a hard one to call, but as morris didn’t record, we can only go off of King_MJJ footage. It looks as though morris was frustrated and trying to impede King_MJJ on multiple occasions, and even if it wasn’t intentional, his moves were reckless and unsafe.

Decision: Morrisminor will be disqualified from the race, and receive 6 points on his licence. Further serious incidents will be met with more severe penalties.


Incident: King_MJJ and marklinmarklin make contact at turn 1.

Stewards View: Given the conditions and weather, the stewards don’t believe anybody was at fault for this incident.

Decision: No further action warranted.


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