Baku Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: The first lap incident involving multiple cars.

Stewards View: The Stewards did their best to find a reasoning or culprit for this incident, but given the camera angles we had, and other evidence, a conclusion can simply not be made due to the nature of the crash.

Decision: Please make sure you are all more careful into turn 1 and 2 in the future races, Two races in a row we’ve had a big crash at turn 1. Please be more careful.


Incident: Thomas and xandermar between T3 and T4

Stewards View: It seems as though there was no contact between the cars, based upon the arrows on the screen. Netcode seems to be a factor again.

Decision: No further action warranted.


Incident: Lewis11004 was running the incorrect number.

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: Lewis11004 will receive a reprimand.



Formula 2

Incident: Jordan impedes Mini on his qualifying lap.

Stewards View: As this is a first incident with Jordanmusk, he will receive the standard first penalty for qualifying impeding.

Decision: Jordanmusk will receive a 5second penalty and 3 points on his licence.


Incident: Mini and Tekken make contact at turn 6

Stewards View: Tekken seemingly didn’t make the corner and hit Mini, causing the collision.

Decision: Tekken will receive 3 points on his licence.


Incident: Dylan and Aldooro make contact at turn 1.

Stewards View: Both drivers are aggressive in this situation, and both made costly mistakes that resulted in the crash. Aldooro was never going to make the corner, and Dylan turned in way too early in an attempt to cut him off.

Decision: Aldooro will receive a 10 second penalty and 3 points on his licence. Dylan will receive 3 points and a reprimand.



Formula 3

Incident: Miles impedes Eggly and Fear in qualifying

Stewards View: Miles clearly impedes eggly and Fear, making little effort to move out of the way.

Decision: Miles will receive 6 points on his licence and a qualifying ban.


Incident: Miles also causes an incident in the race with Bigmetsaa.

Stewards View: It looks as though miles tried to get out of the way but didn’t do a very good job of it.

Decision: See above decisions.


Incident: Jazy impedes Bigmetsaa in qualifying.

Stewards View: Jazy clearly impedes bigmetsaa in qualifying, making little effort to move.

Decision: Jazy will receive 3 points and a reprimand.


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