Belgium Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Jakeeeboy and DomainZain make contact at the final turn, causing DomainZain to spin and hit the wall.

Stewards View: Whilst this is netcode, the problem here is that Jakeeeboy failed to take into account that DomainZain would be slower on the dry compounds, and decided to continue apply throttle, which essentially pushed DomainZain around.

Decision: Jakeeeboy will receive a reprimand and a 20 second penalty added to his race time.

Formula 2

Incident: Aldooro received an unfair 10s penalty.

Decision: Aldooro will have 7 seconds removed from his race time.

Formula 3

Incident: J_GHOSTS_400 pressed x before the formation lap.

Decision: J_GHOSTS_400 will receive a reprimand, as a 10s penalty doesn’t affect him. This is your second reprimand, and one more result in a qualifying ban.

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