Bahrain Stewards Report

Formula 1

There are no incident.

Formula 2

Incident: Aldooro and donrajib made contact at T3.

Stewards View: Aldooro had a illegal overtake penalty and unsafely attempted to give the position back which wasn’t the correct way todo it.

Decision: Aldooro will receive 6 points on his licence, bringing his title to 12 points, and therefore will receive a race ban for round 12 at Singapore. This is your absolute last warning. That means no disrespectful chat in any of the chats and you must clean up your actions on track. Last warning.


Incident: Fear and donrajib made contact on the main straight.

Stewards View: Fear made a very late defensive move and did not give donrajib enough time to react.

Decision: Fear will receive 3 points on his licence and a ten second penalty.


Incident: Taffy and donrajib made contact at T1.

Stewards View: donrajib makes an extremely late dive up the inside, way too far back to make a move, and pushed Taffy out of the way.

Decision: Donrajib will receive 2 points on his licence.


Incident: Taffy made contact with multiple cars at T1.

Stewards View: Taffy got caught out by the McLaren in front of him, and did his very best to avoid causing a crash at T1. We believe he made all the effort he could.

Decision: Taffy will receive a reprimand.


Formula 3

Incident: rikki hit X early before formation lap.

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: rikki will receive a reprimand.


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